Kyoto VR is an immersive media company founded in 2016. The primary mission of our team is to document and preserve the culture and heritage of the city and communicate the richness of Japan’s Old Capital to the world. To achieve this we utilize 3D scanning technologies and 360 videography, and we incorporate these into VR and AR applications, which is now commonly referred to as XR. We see the potential XR has to transform the world as we experience it, and we are currently working to build something that will bring value not only to Kyoto, but to the entire world.

Atticus Sims

Atticus Sims is the founder and CEO of Kyoto VR. Realizing the potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality from the moment he first put on a headset, he co-founded Kyoto VR in June of 2016. His goal, along with creating a Virtual representation of Kyoto, is to enable a thriving VR art community in the city.

Huwj Matsumura

Huwj Matsumura, a veteran VFX producer and highly skilled illustrator, joined us in October to oversee the production of the NOxAR project. With over thirty years experience in the film industry he has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company and will continue in his role as Producer.

Hide Suzuki 

Hide Suzuki, former Educational Program Manager for Kyotographie International Photography Festival, has joined our team as Cultural Liason and is helping with communications and outreach. Additionally, Hide is an amazingly talented photographer and has already contributed both his technical and aesthetic knowledge to our quest to produce innovative and top quality immersive media. His work has been exhibited as a solo exhibition at KG+ Kyotographie International Photography Festival in 2015. His editorial works include portraits for «Le Portrait» on the Libération paper (France, 2017); NEXT Magazine (France, 2016).

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