Kyoto VR specializes in capturing the spirit of Kyoto through photogrammetry and 360-3D videography.

Check out some of what we do!

360 Video


Starting from 50,000JPY

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can be picture based, video based or interaction based. Sample from our past projects below.


Basic Matterport: starting at 20.000JPY
Custom (Interactive, Video, Super HD 360, etc): starting at 80.000JPY

AR Marketing Products

This 3D model is the first assembly of Gion Matsuri’s beautiful ‘Kanko Hoko’ taken from the first batch of photos and 3D Laser Scans. This model will be updated and improve in definition as we incorporate additional capture data.


Starting from 100.000JPY

With our AR app (augmented reality), any flat surface or document can turn into a 3d experience! Just think of what you can do with menus, business cards, post cards and other memorabilia.

3D Scanning

3D Scans can be done for many purposes from art to assets for interactive experiences.


Starting from 15.000 JPY