Kyoto VR specializes in capturing the spirit of Kyoto through photogrammetry and 360-3D videography. Check out some of what we do!

This is a scene from our installation at the 2016 Kyoto Nuit Blanche art festival, and features the stunning Shigemori Mirei zen garden at Zuihoin Temple. All scenes in this project are recreated using photogrammetry.

Kanko Hoko – Gion Matsuri 2016

This 3D model is the first assembly of Gion Matsuri’s beautiful ‘Kanko Hoko’ taken from the first batch of photos and 3D Laser Scans. This model will be updated and improve in definition as we incorporate additional capture data.

Detailed up close of the Kanko Hoko Frieze

Shigemori Mirei’s “Zuihoin Garden”

Designed by acclaimed landscape architect Shigemori Mirei in 1961, this garden is located in Daitoku-ji Temple (and now featured in Virtual Reality!)

Standalone Assets

Small Buddha Statue

Mossy Lantern

Hidden Gion Shrine

Bronze Statue

Collaborative Projects

A sample of our collaborations with Kyoto artists and businesses!


48 Hour Film Project – Open VR Jam

This trailer is from a 3D animated film we made for the 2016 48 Hour Film Project. All animated assets were made in VR using Tilt Brush and scenes were built and animated in Unity. This short film was created over one weekend with a team of 15 creative individuals. A VR version is coming soon!


Calligraphy by Hiroshi Ueta

Calligrapher Hiroshi Ueta uses Google’s “Tilt Brush” to transform his calligraphy techniques into Virtual Reality opening up new creative possibilities!

MTRL Kyoto x Kyoto VR

In May 2016, Kyoto VR partnered with makerspace MTRL Kyoto for a one month showcase of Virtual Reality. This event brought VR to hundreds of people for the first time!